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The Innkeepers and history of Crest Country Inn

Dr. Alvin and Emma (Howe) Kraus come from a long line of Hoteliers and named their motel Sudbury Court after the Wayside Inn in Sudbury, Massachusetts.

Emma Howe Kraus' family entered into the hospitality industry in 1716. David Howe was granted permission to "keep a house of entertainment for travelers" along the Old Boston Post Road.

-(1748) David's son, Ezekiel's rates were:
Lodging - 4 pence
Dinner - 20 pence each
Common Dinner - 12 pence each
Best Supper and Breakfast - 15 pence each
-(1775) Lieutenant Colonel Howe leads Sudbury Massachusetts Company to Concord Center.
-(1853) Henry David Thoreau (Poet) Stays at Howe's Tavern.
-(1862) Henry Wadsworth Longfellow visits Howe Tavern and writes Tales of a Wayside Inn, making the Howe Tavern a Colonial Landmark.
-(1923) Henry Ford purchases the Wayside Inn, renamed and restored the property which is now a National Historic Site.

The Wayside Inn, located in Sudbury, Massachusetts, is still operational today offering a restaurant, ten historically accurate guest rooms, and hosting for small receptions. It is reputedly the oldest operating inn in the country. The inn's archive has documents from 1686 including the official license granted to the first innkeeper, David Howe, in 1716. Lydia Howe, the granddaughter was born in the inn.

The Inn celebrated its 300th Anniversary in 2016. For more information go to where a list of present-day prices for food and lodging can be obtained.
The Innkeepers Today :
In the early 1990's Randy moved from the "Windy City" to a small town in the Ozarks. There he met a pretty southern girl who was brought up in a small town in Arkansas. Randy was stricken by Kristy's southern charm and she was attracted to Randy's handsome looks and strong character. Their love bloomed and soon were married. Together they relocated to Branson where they began their family. Over the next 28 years they owned and operated a resort on a popular fishing lake. As their son's grew and started gaining their independence, they felt the need for a new adventure and set their sights on becoming Inn Keepers in Williamsburg Iowa.

With their experience they bring with them the know-how of making others feel welcome and comfortable, consideration for other's needs and warmth of real southern hospitality.